Homework Assignments

Homework Assignments were designed as a way to measure a Harrimaniac's progress in the development of skills for four-season camping, outdoor cooking, orienteering & wilderness survival. Unless otherwise noted, all requirements must be fulfilled on valid trips and refer to locations on the latest edition NY/NJ Trail Conference Maps. Homework Assignments labelled as Achievements are earned simply by completing a task, while Awards are bestowed through a nomination process. A summary of each assignment's requirements are listed below with "Harriman" refering to the entire valid area, including Bear Mountain State Park. The specific requirements for each assignment are listed on each individual homework assignment's page. Rules governing Homework Assignments can be found in Section 4, Article 4 of the ToD Constitution.


Ashes of Heroes

Awarded for continuing exemplary committment to promoting the Foundational Values & Skills of the Harrimaniacs in others.

First Responder

Awarded for providing adequate first aid for a minor injury or medical condition.

Human Sacrifice

Awarded for completing a trip which required exceptional self-denial, self-sacrifice, and/or personal hitting of rock bottom.


Awarded for providing critical medical support or first aid in a situation that is life-threatening or poses the threat of serious physical injury.


Mileage Clubs

Membership in a mileage club is earned for every hundred miles hiked (a 100-Mile Club member has hiked 100 miles).

the Anthropologist

Earned by visiting twenty pre-selected athropogenic points of interest marked on the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps.

the Black Lung

Earned by visiting every marked mine in Harriman.

the Bushwacker

Earned by hiking some amount of distance on every named unmarked trail & woods road in Harriman.

the Cartographer

Earned by using only a map and compass to navigate to a location not previously visited by the individual completing the Cartographer.

the Chef

Earned by successfully cooking a complete, multi-ingredient meal for four entirely in camp using a fire. Basic out-of-camp preparation is allowed.

the Explorer

Earned by visiting twenty pre-selected natural points of interest marked on the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps.

the Erratic

Earned by visiting all ten pre-selected erratics marked on the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps.

the Guide

Earned by hiking some amount of distance on every marked trail in Harriman.

the Lone Ranger

Earned by participating in a 'Clan of Rob' event with a Harrimaniac living too far from Harriman to participate in Harrimaniacs events.

the Marathon

Earned by completing a single trip totaling 26.2 miles or more.

the Major Welch

Earned by visiting ten pre-selected modern points of interest.

the Nomad

Earned by spending at least one night in Harriman in each of an enclosed shelter (tent/hammock), official shelter, and bivy/under the stars.

the Outlaw

Earned by completing a valid night at an 'outlaw' shelter.

the Perennial

Earned by spending at least one valid night in every season.

the Pioneer

Earned by completing one valid night at each of the official marked shelters.

the Pyro

Earned by building and lighting a useful, sustained fire without assistance or accelerants & using only one or fewer matches.

the Sea Monkey

Earned by swimming at any one of the three 'ghetto beaches;' Tiorati, Welch, or Sebago.

the Torger Tokle

Earned by completing a sled run down the Silvermine Ski Slope from the official starting tree.

the Treasure Hunter

Earned by being the first in a party to locate a geocache using a GPS and cache sense.

the Trekker

Earned on an overnight by hiking at least 10 miles on a single calendar day carrying sufficient personal food and gear to spend the night.

Suggestions for new Homework Assignments may be submitted at any time.