the Pyro


Earned on a valid trip by building and lighting a useful, self-sustaining fire without assistance or accelerants & using only one or fewer matches. Fires must be made on a cold bed and connot be attempted if coals or pre-esting heat is present. Once ignited the fire must continue to burn on its own with only typical, periodic addition of wood. Others may assist the candidate only through the collection of wood. If a candidate fails to create an adequate fire with one ignition method, the candidate may not try again with another ignition method during this attempt.


Fire-building is one of the most essential and basic of outdoorsmanship skills. Completion of the Pyro indicates that a Harrimaniac can build and maintain his or her own fire for cooking or warmth. If a candidate fails to light the fire on the first attempt, with the single-allowed match for example, the candidate may not switch to another method (flint & steel, iron wool, etc) in an attempt to circumvent the one-match limit.

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