the Trekker


Earned on a valid overnight by hiking at least 10 miles on a single calendar day while efficiently carrying sufficient personal food and gear to spend the night. A candidate must be carrying sleeping gear or shelter and personal food items. In addition, a candidate should be carrying other gear in preparation for spending at least one night in the woods. All of this gear must be stowed in a manner that allows for efficient movement and does not impede the candidate during the backpacking experience.


There is a clear difference between a simple overnight and a backpacking trip. Completion of this assignment means a camper has experienced backpacking as opposed to just camping. In the eyes of the Harrimaniacs, backpacking includes two important components: load and distance. A candidate must hike for a minimum of ten miles in a single calendar day. Hiking 5 miles to a site, spending the night, and then hiking 5 miles to return is, therefore, not sufficient to complete this assignment. The candidate should be carrying typical food and gear for spending at least one night in the woods, which may include but it not limited to food, water, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, knife, fire-starting materials, etc. The most likely method a candidate may employ to carry that gear in an efficient manner is the use of a frame pack.

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