the Cartographer


Earned on a valid trip by using only a map and compass to navigate to a location not previously visited by the individual completing the Cartographer. In order to demonstrate this proficiency in map skills, a Harrimaniac must rely on the map to arrive at a destination and not on his or her memory or the direction of others. The target destination must, therefore, be a location unknown to those completing the homework. Target destinations must be selected before the candidate attempts navigation. Others present who may have already been to the destination may not assist those attempting to complete this assignment. Target destinations should be distant in keeping with the candidates' skill levels and the majority of trails hiked should be new to the candidates.


Completion of this assignment suggests a Harrimaniac understands how to use a topo map and compass to sufficiently navigate trails in and around the park. Multiple candidates may attempt to complete this assignment simultaneously if none of them have been to the target destination and if all of them adequately contribute to navigation. Typical target destinations might be shelters or specific points of interest, but any location determined before the start of the navigation will suffice.

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