The Constitution of the Tribe of Dan


Section 1: Purpose and Objective

Article 1: Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the Tribe of Dan Harrimaniacs is to provide a social organization and learning environment in which members may develop and expand their outdoorsmanship skills, specifically in the context of camping and in the locality of Harriman State Park, NY.

Article 2: Foundational Values: The Harrimaniacs have always been and will always be a group-oriented body. As stated in the Statement of Purpose, the Harrimaniacs seek to develop acumen and wildeness skills in a social environment of mutual assistance and growth.

Article 3: Foundational Skills: The Harrimaniacs put an emphasis on the skills of overnight camping in all seasons, outdoor cooking, and orienteering and wilderness survival skills. Development and testing of these four components is central to a member's experience as a Harrimaniac.

Section 2: Membership and Initiation:

Article 1: Voluntary Membership: Membership is not automatic or obligatory. Those candidates seeking new membership must request or accept an invitation to membership.

Article 2: Active Status: Active members will be those members who have attended one valid trip withing the previous 365 days.

Article 3: CORE Status: The founding 5 members of the Harrimaniacs are permemant CORE members and may never be considered 'inactive' for any reason. Non-permenant CORE status is obtained by completing a set of trials as follows:

A. Harrimaniacs are eligible for CORE candidacy once they have attained Trailguides status.

B. A candidate must conceive of, organize, and safely execute a valid trip with the consultation of seasoned Harrimaniacs, but with a minimum of assistance.

C. This 'candidacy trip' must include multiple members of lower rank than the candidate as well as multiple CORE members. For this purpose, first-time Harrimaniacs are considered of lower rank than the candidiate (rather than 'no rank.')

D. Upon completion of the trip, the CORE members will assess the trip's success in terms of organization, execution, employment of camping/outdoor skills, safety, and the candidate's ability to lead and motivate others--especially with regards to the attendees of lower status and without the assistance of seasoned Harrimaniacs. The CORE members will vote on the candidate's fulfillment of the trip's success and contribution towards the Harrimaniacs overall goal and purpose. A candidate receiving a majority vote 'yes' will be a new CORE member, effective upon completion of that vote.

Section 3: Valid Trips:

Article 1: Basic Trip Requirements: “Valid” trips must meet these minimum requirements:

A. Trips must take place in a public area of Harriman/Bear Mountain State Park.

B. Trips must begin and end in a valid area of Harriman/Bear Mountain State Park as per Section A.

C. Trips must include overnight camping, hiking, or outdoor cooking in Harriman as based on the Foundational Skills.

D. Staying in an RV or other automobile is never valid.

E. Trips must have 2 active members or 1 active CORE member in attendance.

F. No Solo Rule: Solo trips are not considered valid.

i. Two active members in the park at rougly the same time en route to the same destination for a single trip do not violate the "No Solo" Rule.
ii. Late Arrival Rule: One active member in the park at roughly the same time as, and en route to, the same destination as active members on a trip in progress does not violate the "No Solo" Rule.
iii. Early Departure Rule: One active member departing from a trip actively in progress with the immediate intention and destination of exiting the park does not violate the "No Solo" Rule."

Article 2: Voluntary Validity: Trips must be voluntarily reported to the record-keeper to be considered valid. Unreported trips will not be considered valid.

Section 4: Rankings:

Article 1: Valid Nights and Mileage: To be included in a member's ranks, nights and miles must meet the following requirements:

A. An overnight included in the rankings is defined as one night spent at a campsite, offcial or trailside, with the intention of staying in that campsite for the duration of 'nightime' hours. Merely hiking at night does not constitute a 'night.'

B. As a general rule, valid nights and mileage are accumulated on valid trips only.

C. Valid mileage must be accumulated on a valid trip as described in Section 3. Mid-trip mileage accumulated outside of Harriman (on a trip still begining and ending in Harriman) will be included up to, but not exceeeding, the total mileage accumulated inside Harriman on said trip.

Article 2: Definition of Ranks: Ranks are defined as follows:

A. Mileage required for each rank is dynamic and determined on the basis of averages as follows:

Required Mileage = (# required nights X ave # miles/overnight) + (# required nights X average miles/hike X ave # hikes/overnight)

B. A Space Monkey will have camped 50 valid nights, hiked required mileage, and completed 9 Homework Assignments.

i. For each 10 nights, required mileage, and 2 Homework Assignments accumulated beyond the minimum Space Monkey requirements, a Space Monkey will earn one 'Star.'

C. A Lord-of-the-Flies will have camped 20 valid nights, hiked required mileage, and completed 6 Homework Assignments.

D. A Trailguide will have camped 10 valid nights, hiked required mileage, and completed 3 Homework Assignments.

E. A Ranch Hand will have camped 4 valid nights plus required mileage.

F. A Greenhorn will have camped 2 valid nights. No required mileage.

G. A One-Night-Wonder will have camped 1 valid night. No required mileage.

H. A Tourist will have attended one valid trip.

Article 3: Sub-Rank Ordering of Members: Within each rank, members will be sub-ranked according to the following priorities:

A. Most valid nights camped

B. Most valid mileage hiked

C. Greatest number of Homework Assignments completed

D. Most locations camped on valid overnights

E. Earliest date of membership

Article 4: Homework Assignments:

A. Homework assignments are defined as Awards or Achievements.

i. To earn an Award, the recipient must be nominated by any other active member for any past event or events. Satisfactory fulfillment of the award's requirements are confirmed by a majority vote of the CORE members.

ii. Achievements are earned by completing the requirements with the witness of one or more Harrimaniacs and are automatic and retroactive.

B. Homework assignments requiring a single, specific action may be attempted once per trip per Harrimaniac.

C. Official requirements for each Homework Assignment will be listed in the "Ultimate Harriman Checklist."

D. Once completed, a Harrimaniac will keep the Homework Assignment even if the requirements change at a later date.

E. New Homework Assignments may be suggested by any member.

F. New Homework Assignments will be added to the canon by review and majority vote of the CORE members.

Section 5: Amendments:

Article 1: Governing Body: The active CORE members shall compose the voting body.

Article 2: Voting: All changes to the Constitution of any kind shall be voted on by the CORE voting body. Proposals shall be taken from any and all active CORE members at any time. The voting body may choose to solicit the opinion (though not the vote) of non-CORE members. Active CORE members each receive one vote of equal weight for each proposal. Majority is based on the total number of CORE members.

Article 3: New Proposals: The CORE body shall vote for, against, or abstain on each new proposal. Majority wins.

Article 4: Amendments to Existing Rules: The CORE body shall vote on each proposed amendment to an existing rule. Amendments may be passed by a 2/3 majority.

Article 5: Judicial Review: The CORE body will have the authority to vote on any precedent-based questions on rules or any new questions which of yet have no chartered rules.  The CORE body will take into account the past decisions and precedents set.  Majority vote wins.