the Erratic


Earned by visiting all ten of the following pre-selected erratics as marked on the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps:

Bowling RocksGa-Nus-Quah RockEgg
Grandma & Grandpa RocksHippo RockIrish Potato
Monitor RockShip RockValley of Dry Bones
Valley of Boulders


Harriman State Park is home to many 'erratics'-- large abberant stones that seems outof place and are unlike other rocks in the area. Many of these are glacial erratics thought to have been transported and deposited in Harriman by glaciers at the close of the last ice age. This homework assignment was originally part of the Explorer, but the complete list of points of interest was too extensive for one assignment and the erratics were spun off into a seperate assignment--the Erratic.

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