the Anthropologist


Earned by visiting the following twenty anthropogenic points of interest during valid trips as marked on the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps:

1894 Road MonumentAnchor MonumentBurnt House
Cemetary (Bailytown)Cemetary (Beech Trail)Cemetary (Lake Welch)
Conklin CemetaryDutch Doctor's Cellar*Elk Pen
Fort ClintonFort MontgomeryGoldwaite Memorial
Herbert CemetaryJune CemetaryLong Mt. Cemetary
Ruin (Pine Meadow Road)Ruin (Upper Pound Swamp)Scutt Memorial
Spiral Railway TunnelsTorrey Memorial
*not marked on the Trail Conference maps.


The Anthropologist is earned by visiting all of the major man-made points of interest, excluding private camps. Harriman is full of local history, and completion of the Anthropologist means a Harrimaniacs has seen nearly all of the major historical locations. The list is by no means exhaustive, but it covers most of the sites marked with a point on the Trail Conference maps. This homework assignment was originally intended to be part of the Explorer, but the complete list of points of interest was too extensive for one assignment and the list was split into two lists of the most sigificant.

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