First Responder


Awarded for providing adequate first aid for a minor injury or medical condition, including both treatment and advisment for evacuaton while on a valid trip. Treated injuries must meet a minimum degree of severity as outlined by the DCAP-BTLS trauma acronym.


Treatment for non-life-threatening medical situations qualify as material for First Responder. The recipient has demonstrated competent treatment of a minor injury or medical condition requiring treatment such as a second-degree burn or severe cut. To qualify, treatment must involve a 'minimum inury' according to the DCAP-BTLS trauma acronym as follow:

Deformities including only simple fractures that do not break the skin.

Contusions of superficial soft tissue.

Abrasions through the epidermis.

Punctures in extremities not involving arteries.

Burns not deeper than partial thickness.

Tenderness that does not threaten life, limb, or eyesight.

Lacerations that do not require sutures.

Swelling of musculoskeletal structures.

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