What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a fast-growing hobby in which one geocacher uses a GPS device to 'cache' an object somewhere on the planet and another uses a GPS device to find that cache using provided latitude and longitude coordinates. Caches are commonly hidden in parks like Harriman, but many can be found in residential areas. Find out more by watching the informational video provided by geocaching.com.

Cache Me If You Can

The Harrimaniacs hosted their first competitive event on July 3, 2010-- 113-100703: Cache Me If You Can. This first event in the Live Fire competition series and first ever CMIYC was our first geocaching race. The premise is simple. Team form around a captian with a GPS device. Teams meet at a starting line and have a desinated amount of time to find as many caches in Harriman as possible and return to the starting point before time expires. Click this link for information on the next Cache Me If You Can.

Below is a list of the caches the Harrimaniacs have found in alphabetical order by cache.





GC3B83 Traditional Cladius Smith Den 72-080517 DNF
65-080216 DNF
GC72D8 Traditional Pine Swamp Mine 83-080922
GC7405 Traditional Silvermine Ski Road 90-090524
GC8327 Traditional Dutch Doctor 65-080216
GC9C5A Traditional Lewis Mine 78-080719
GC9CE8 Traditional Beechy Bottom Road 113-100703
GC9CEE Virtual Silvermine Overflow 65-080216
GCA56B Traditional Nordkop Mt. Overlook 74-080614
GCAEBE Traditional Ramapo Torne 70-080423 DNF
GCG4QD Traditional Green Pond Mountain 76-080630
GCJ9EY Traditional Hogencamp Mine 83-080922
GCJKZV Traditional Fawn Trail 113-100703
GCJY80 Traditional Surebridge Mine 76-080630
GCJY84 Traditional Greenwood Mine 69-080418 DNF
GCKCY9 Traditional Buck Trail 82-080921
GCKCY9 Traditional Black Mountain 90-090524
GCKKFH Traditional Silvermine Ski Road 113-100703
GCKKYG Traditional Silvermine Ski Road 113-100703
GCPVX6 Traditional The Timp 97-091003