the Bushwhacker


Earned by hiking some amount of distance on every named unmarked trail & woods road in Harriman during valid trips. The Bottle Cap Trail is considered to be 'marked' for the purposed of this assignment. Additional unmarked trails or woods roads will automatically be added to the required list should they be created. The current list of required trails is listed below:

Anthony Wayne Ski RoadArden RoadBailytown Road
Beechy Bottom (East) RoadBlack Mt TrailBockberg Trail
Bockey Swamp TrailConklin RoadCranberry Mountain Trail
Crooked RoadDeep Hollow RoadDoodletown Bridal Path
Dundenberg Spiral RailwayFlaggy Meadow Mt.File Factory Hollow
Grape Swamp Mt trailsHasenclever RoadHorns Route
Hudson River Greenway TrailIron Mt TrailIsland Pond Road
Jones TrailNawhunta Fire RoadNorth-South Connector
North/South Ski RoadOld TurnpikeOwl Lake Road
Pines TrailPine Meadow RoadRed Timp
Rockhouse Mt.Sherwood PathSilvermine Ski Road
Stillwater TrailSummer Hill RoadSurebridge Mine Road
Timp Pass RoadTorne Valley RoadWoodtown Road


Harriman is filled with old Depresion-era dirt roads, farm roads, fire roads, abandoned trails, and little known pathways. Together these make up Harriman's unmarked tails. Many are broad and obvious while others seem to disappear into nothing. Completion of this homework assignment means the recipient has traveled to some of Harriman's most remote location and honed his or her trail-finding skills on some of the park's most difficult-to-follow trails. There are countless tiny pathways that are nearly impossible to catalog, and hiking them therefore, is not required for the completion of this assignment. Required trails include any named unmarked trail or woods road and any unnamed, unmarked trail more than one mile in length.

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