the Black Lung


Earned by visiting every marked mine in Harriman on valid trips. A Harrimaniac need only visit one opening in the case of a mine with multiple openings or pits. Additional mines will automatically be added to the required list should they be discovered and marked on the maps. Currently marked mines include: August, Barnes, Black Ash, Boston, Bradley, Christie, Cornell, Cranberry, Daters, Doodletown, Edison, Garfield, Greenwood, Harris, Hasenclever, Herbert, Hogencamp, Lewis/Dunn, Mica, Nickel, Pine Swamp, Spanish, and Surebridge Mines.


The variety of mines in the park drew the attention of some the earliest Harrimaniacs as being one of the features that makes Harriman such a unique place. Most of the mines were iron mines, but there were also a handful of mines seeking other resources. Many of the mines are now flooded, but some are more accessible and some are even large enough to enter. By completing this assignment a Harrimaniac has seen all of the forms that Harriman mines can take. Mines that are flooded need only be seen to complete this assignment.

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