the Explorer


Earned by visiting the following thirty natural points of interest marked on the NY/NJ Trail Conference maps on a valid trips:

Almost PerpendicularBlack Rock (Goat Roast)Cape Horn
Cascade of SlidCatís ElbowCave Shelter
Elbow BrushHell HoleHorse Stable Rock
Kitchen StairsLemon SqueezerPopolopen Torne
PotholePulpitRamapo Torne
Rock HouseSand Pitthe Timp
Times SquareTorne View


The Explorer is earned by visiting all of the major natural points of interest. This does not include large areas like mountains, swamps or other large landforms, rather it includes many of the most significant viewpoints and geologic anomolies located in the park. Completion of the Explorer means a Harrimaniacs has seen nearly all of the major natural points of interest Harriman has to offer. This homework assignment was originally intended to include the locations listed in the requirements of the Anthropologist, but the complete list of points of interest was too extensive for one assignment and the list was split into two lists of the most sigificant-- 30 natural and 30 man-made.

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