Ashes of Heroes


Awarded for continuing exemplary committment to promoting the Foundational Values & Skills of the Harrimaniacs in others. It is awarded to honor a Harrimaniac who has labored to promote in other Harrimaniacs the ideals of self-testing & self-sacrifice and the skills of camping, hiking, outdoor cooking, orienteering & wilderness survival. The recipient has made extensive contributions toward teaching and encouraging Harrimaniacs to develop and participate in these skills and has made significant contributions towards the furthering of the Harrimaniacs as an organization.


The Ashes of Heroes and Human Sacrifice Awards are the most prestigeous the Harrimaniacs have to offer. Ashes of Heroes is designed to recognize a Harrimaniac's service toward the group as a whole. It is meant to recognize a Harrimaniac's impact on others within the Harrimaniacs ranks. Other Harrimaniacs recognize that they owe, at least in part, their own involvement in camping and outdoorsmanship to the recipient.

"The first soap was made from the ashes of heroes."

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