LiveFire Competitions

ToD LiveFire is our series of competetive events, so named because a competition is not exactly a real wildeness experience but we're not just shooting blanks either. Each LiveFire event will require participants to demonstrate some of the Harrimaniacs' Fundamental Values and Skills of 'overnight camping in all seasons, outdoor cooking, and orienteering and wilderness survival.' With LiveFire we hope to generate excitement to motivate members to further 'develop acumen and wildeness skills,' gain experience with new equipment, and complete Homework Assignments.

Cache Me If You Can

The first Live Fire event is a geocaching relay known as Cache Me If You Can. In this event, teams seek to find the most geocaches in Harriman in a certain time frame. All teams begin at a starting line and must arrive at a finish line by a predetermined time or face disqualification. All modes of transportation are allowed provided all memebers of the team stay together and follow all park regulations. Teams must photograph each cache they find. At the end of the day the team with the most caches found wins. Our currently reigning champs are team "Black-Eyed Pea" with 10 caches at CMIYC2.

Skill Drill

A proposed series of events called "Skill Drill" will test Harrimaniac's proficiency in the various forms of outdoorsmanship skills and are analogous to the Boy Scouts of America's camporees and Klondike Derbies. Plans for the future, however, seek to turn this event into a skills competition.

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