The Creation of the ToD Werbsite and the Harrimaniacs

There are several noteworthy events in "the Tribe's" history. Pete and Dan took our first trip back in June of 2001 to the Bald Rocks shelter. Despite the fact the Pete had already been on several family trips before this time, the decision was made to make this trip the official start of "the Tribe." It was the first time we ventured out on our own. The movie Fight Club was extremely influential in the early days and still holds a certain mystique to the eldest members. Its influence can been seen in the ranking system and the culture of the Harrimaniacs.

It was the fall of 2005 when the early members realized they were on to something good. We had come a long way in developing our skills and we had the gear to prove it. Discussion began at that time about making a list of the trips we had taken to Harriman up until that point. It took trip #24, the First Annual Big Hill ThanXgiving Overnight to make that idea a reality. The members on that trip discussed trips past and when all returned home Dan began to compile the list. Within days the list was being assembled, thanks to many phone calls and emails, and the group became the subject of a Myspace page being composed as a college homework assignment. The name "Tribe of Dan" arises from the display name used by Dan for the page.

It was the advent of the website that catalyzed the birth of the Harrimaniacs as they are today. Within a few short weeks the soon-to-be-called-CORE members devised a rudimentary ranking system and the rest is history. This truly is a group made for and by its members. Since 2005 the Harrimaniacs have formalized their ranks and rules, moved to their own website, and established a precedent for all others to follow.