What is Rock Bottom?

"...you can't even see the bottom..."


The Rock Bottom Series

We recognized a growing divide in the intensity of our trips as the years progressed. As the older members continued to push our personal limits--going faster, further and longer--the introduction of new and less experienced members ensured that even short trips could push some of the participants to their limits and one step closer to Rock Bottom. It was never inteneded for the older members to be more like tour guides than participants. In order for more experience members to still push themselves, it seemed necessary to exclude less experienced members from trips. We did not, however, want to unilaterally exclude anyone from our trips that have always been "free to all." Instead, we devised a way to allow each Harrimaniac to decide their "own level of involvement" by creating the Rock Bottom Series.

The precedent of these difficult and super-long trips was set by 65-080216: Stoopid Cupid 2-Nighter and to a lesser extent 62-071226: Post-Chrsitmas Ankle-Breaker. Rock Bottom trips generally require experience and stamina to complete, are over 20 miles in length, and often face adverse phyical or weather conditions. These criteria is not hard and fast. Rather the idea is simply to alert potential participants of the anticipated difficulty.