Longest Trips

92-090705//You Don't Know Where I've Been, Lou 42.8 mi
65-080216//Stoopid Cupid 36.9 mi
77-080711//West Harriman 2-Nighter 26.1 mi
62-071226//Anklebreaker 25.8 mi
8-030000//Bald Rocks-West Mt. 2-Nighter 21.0 mi
49-070401//Northern Tour Overnight 20.3 mi

Memorable Moments

"...feel more like a man..."
"...you thinks its as cold down in that town as it is up here?"
"...there's a hole in my sleeping bag."
-Neal 19-041200

"You know what though? This could be the best thing that ever happened to us..."
-Getti 33-060526

-Japanese Soldier 21-050600

"...wheer not queer'r nuthin...."
-Two Old Scary Guys 64-080201

Member Favorites

Member: Dan

Fav Shelter: West Mountain

Fav Trip: 1-010600 "The Maiden Voyage"
& 65-080216 "Stoopid Cupid"

Member: Getti

Fav Shelter: Tom Jones

Fav Trip: 32-060513 Timp-Brien Overnight & 67-080921 Bald Rocks Overnight

Member: Pete

Fav Shelter: West Mountain

Fav Trip: 1-010600 "The Maiden Voyage"
&12-030700 "The Rattlesnake Trip"

Member: Lori

Fav Shelter: Dutch Doctor

Fav Trip: 66-080315 Almost Perpendicular Hike

Member: Christina

Fav Shelter: West Mountain or Tom Jones

Fav Trip: 53-070624 Tom Jones Overnight

Member: Albert

Fav Shelter: none

Fav Trip: 45-061222 "The Christmas Tree Trip"