Virtual Tour of Harriman State Park


The purpose of the virtual tour is to give Harrimaniacs a chance to relive their experiences in Harriman when they cannot actually be in Harriman. It's also a great way for us Harrimaniacs to let the rest of the world see what it is about Harriman State Park that we love so much. All the photography you'll see is from the Tribe's trips. Along the way you may find some of our inside jokes and famous stories. So explore, find new things, plan a trip. Who knows, maybe we'll see you on the trail sometime soon. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you explore...

-You'll start at a parking lot and make your way through the park along the trails and roads.

- Navigate with the links at the bottom.

- Links are based on actual geographic direction at your current location.

- At some locations you may find additional content by hovering over certain objects with your mouse-this trend will increase as new locations are added.

- You may always click on the compass rose to return the the Virtual Tour Main Page.

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